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Wide Bottom IronMan Fascia Gutter Machine

Wide bottom Fascia.png


The IronMan Fascia Gutter Machine from KWM Gutterman produces 4.5" or 5" fascia style gutters at a rate of 35 feet per minute. All KWM gutter machines feature a polyurethane drive system and chromed steel forming rollers for extreme durability and precision performance. Each KWM gutter machine is hand-built in the USA to exacting standards and with unsurpassed quality, ensuring years of reliable operation in the field. 

Product Specifications

Gutter Size
5 Inch, Wide Bottom

Product Details

Download Specification Sheet

Polyurethane Drive Train: - Eliminates the need to load coil prior to transportation (less material waste)
 - Rollform 24 gauge steel
 - Eliminates slippage from cold weather and condensation

.002 Hard Chrome Plated Steel Forming Rollers:
 - Rollforms all recommended materials with minimal or no adjustment
 - Free-floating forming rollers produce less pressure and allow for more product uniformity

Electrical and Control System:
 - Push button entry and exit end controls with safety wiring and jog feature
 - 3/4 HP, 110 volt, single phase motor, 13.6 ampere

Structural Steel Frame:
 - Welded tubular frame

Modular Turnstile Upright System:
 - Transfer bars (ease of coil loading)

 - 3/4 HP, 110 volt, single phase, 13.6 ampere, totally enclosed fan cooled (T.E.F.C.) motor

 - Length - 151" (383.54 cm)
 - Height - 48" (122.0 cm)
 - Width - 24" (61.0 cm)

 - Approximately 1,375 lbs. (623.68 kg)

 - Powered polyurethane drive rollers via chains and sprockets

 - Front pull guillotine

 - Approximately 35 feet per minute

 - Push button entry and exit end controls with jog feature

Recommended Materials:
 Maximum coil width 15"
       Material                    Maximum Gauge
 - Painted Steel                        26
 - Galvanized Steel                  26
 - Ternecoat Steel                    26
 - Galvalume                            26
 - Aluminum                            .032
 - Copper                   16 oz. - 20 oz. 3/4 hard

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