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How to Clean Your Gutter Machines

The process for cleaning your gutter machines is reasonably straightforward to do. It’s crucial for maintaining your machine and ensuring it will last many years. From quick visual checks of our machine to routine maintenance like proper lubrication and necessary machine adjustments, learning how to clean your gutter machine properly is essential.


Cleaning your gutter machine will allow you to continue delivering high-quality products to your customers and save you time and money in the long run. Regularly check that your machine’s parts are working to avoid costly repairs.


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The Process of Cleaning Your Gutter Machine

Looking for the right way to clean your gutter machines? Learn how to protect your investment and prevent unnecessary machine damage or downtime with a step-by-step guide for cleaning and preventative maintenance created by KWM Gutterman.

  1. Disconnect your machine from its powers supply.
  2. Remove top safety lids and covers.
  3. The first step is to remove all debris and or any foreign objects that are inside of the machine area. A vacuum or leaf blower works well.
  4. Lubricate the drive chains if needed. The machine moves at a relatively slow rpm. This may only be needed once per year. A little goes a long way do not allow any chain lube or any type of lubricant to come in contact with the rollers in your machine.
  5. The guillotine needs to be lubricated daily with the blade in the down position spray WD-40 or a similar product to the blade from both sides. Then cycle the blade up and down a few times prior to cutting. Do not allow the WD-40 to come in contact with the rollers in your machine.
  6. Acetone is the best product for cleaning your drive or forming rollers. When cleaning your polyurethane drive rollers, dampen a rag with a small amount of acetone and clean the exposed area of the roller. Clear the area prior to plugging the machine in again. Jog the machine rotating the rollers allowing access to a new area to clean. Repeat as needed. NEVER CLEAN ROLLERS WITH THE MACHINE PLUGGED IN AND UNDER POWER.
  7. Re-install all safety covers or lids.

How Often Should I Clean My Gutter Machine?

If you use your gutter machine often, you will want to clean your gutter machine regularly. Plus, getting into a routine or habit of checking and inspecting your machine weekly is best. While the best season to clean gutters is typically in the early spring and fall, if you use your machine frequently, check it to see if it is dirty or may have something stuck in it; if so, clean it immediately.

Why Choose KWM Gutterman?

KWM Gutterman has over 46 years of experience manufacturing and servicing gutter machines. Whether you want to learn how to clean gutters and gutter machines or find the ideal equipment, KWM Gutterman is committed to supporting you in your work. Discover our full range of gutter machines and parts for K-Style, fascia, and half-round gutters here.

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