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For more than 40 years, KWM Gutterman Inc. has been a leader in the gutter machine manufacturing industry. We are the largest gutter machine manufacturer and seller in the nation.

All of our U.S.A-built gutter machines are made to order, constructed with the highest quality materials and built to provide many years of reliable service.

If you want to learn more about gutter machines, this blog is for you! Let’s take a closer look at the various gutter machines we offer and go over some helpful information you need to know.

How Do Gutter Machines Work?

The principle of a gutter machine is quite simple, but a best-in-class staff equipped with precision CNC cutting equipment, machinery, laser-cutting capabilities, forming, and robotics are required to produce a top-quality product. The machine operates by loading a spool of material (sheet metal or aluminum, for example) onto the deck of the unit.

The material is fed into the machine, and through a series of rollers under light pressure a gutter is formed. Once the desired length is produced, a tool called a “guillotine” is used to make a precise, clean cut on the new gutter.

What is the Best Place for a Gutter Machine Truck, Van or Trailer?

Gutter machines can be used in any type of vehicle. However, safety is the number one priority. Gutter machines should only be used in locations where enough space and the proper type of electrical service are available.  Riser pads are available for trailer installation.

Different Types of Gutter Machines:

KWM Gutterman produces a wide variety of gutter machines, including:

  • Fascia Gutter Machines
  • Half-Round Gutter Machines
  • K-Style Gutter Machines
  • 4.5-Inch Gutter Machines
  • 5-Inch Gutter Machines
  • 6-Inch Gutter Machine
  • 7-Inch Gutter Machines
  • 8-Inch Gutter Machines
  • Specialty Profile Gutter Machines

Fascia Gutter Machines

If your area has demand for the fascia profile, our 4.5-inch and 5-inch gutter machines are an ideal choice. Featuring a polyurethane drive train, chrome-plated steel forming rollers, and a ¾ HP motor, these units produce 35 feet of gutter per minute. We also offer a wide bottom unit as well. 

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Half-Round Gutter Machines

Show your precision craftsmanship with our 6-inch reverse curl half-round gutter machine. With a polyurethane drive train, aluminum-forming rollers, and chrome plated hem forming rollers, this machine is ready to get to work.

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K-Style Gutter Machines

K-Style gutters are the most popular over the years. Our K-Style gutter machines come in a range of sizes. Some units are combination machines. If your work calls for a good amount of K-Style gutter designs, this machine is a winner.

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5-Inch Gutter Machines

Available in a 5-inch only version or a 5/6-inch combination unit, these units feature a powerful ¾ HP electric motor, a polyurethane drive train, and a heavy-duty frame.

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6-Inch Gutter Machines

Normally used on light commercial buildings and larger homes, 6-inch gutters require precision craftsmanship. Our 6-inch gutter machine is made to handle even the toughest workloads. This unit comes in several configurations, including 6-inch, 5/6-inch, or 6/7-inch.

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7-Inch Gutter Machines 

Producing 35 feet of gutter per minute, our 7-inch gutter machine will help you get the job done efficiently. In addition to the 7-inch version, we also offer a 6/7-inch unit, as well as a 7/8-inch machine.

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8-Inch Gutter Machines

For larger gutters, our machines can’t be beat. Offered in either an 8-inch configuration or a combination 7/8-inch machine, they both feature stainless steel forming rollers, a polyurethane drive train, and a powerful, ¾ HP electric motor.

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Specialty Profiles  

If your gutter work calls for any specialty shapes, we’ve got you covered. Our machines can produce a variety of alternative shapes, including European box, KWM box, and Straight Face. These profiles can be done in 5-inch, 5/6-inch, or 6-inch configurations.

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When Quality Counts, Count on KWM Gutterman!   

Everyone at KWM Gutterman Inc. is proud that our family-owned company is today’s largest maker and seller of gutter machines in the nation. We will always be known for our exceptional product quality, value, and second-to-none customer service.

Our team stands behind our products with the industry’s best warranty: 3 years Parts & Labor Mechanical, and 1 year Parts & Labor Electrical.

Looking for a part for your gutter machine? We carry a full range of parts and accessories as well. 

If you would like to learn more about our products and services, contact us today!